Could you help me with printing 1000’s pages and sending them to a bitcoiner in Jail.


I need help printing the whole case on 8 x 11 about a convicted Bitcoiner and sending it to another convicted Bitcoiner, more importantly the Court Transcripts.

There is a lot of material to be sent.

RANDALL B LORD 18653-035

USP Atlanta


P.O. BOX 150160


If you are going to print and send a document, just write in the comment below the section you are printing and sending to Randall. Write on the envelope "Legal Documents" so the envelope is opened in front of him. Do not put anything else in the envelope.

Please add in the comments bellow the number of the document you are sending him. If it is a transcript, please add the date next to it.

He is filling an appeal because he wanted to change his plea from Guilty to Not-Guilty but the judge did not let him do it and his lawyer screwed him up because he did not understand bitcoin from day one.

This is Randall's case:

This is Morpheus' case:

And if you need proof the Justice system in the US is screwed up:

Thanks for the help.

Theo Chino &

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from Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

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