Survey: 70 Percent of Singaporeans Show Interest in Blockchain Training

Research suggests that a high percentage of Singapore employees are interested in receiving blockchain training in order to advance in the workplace.

Figures released by professional services and training provider ComtelPro show nearly 70 percent of employees were interested in blockchain training, reports Fintech News. Interestingly, 65 percent indicated that the technology could lead to job displacement within the next five years. Notably, only 16 percent said that they were aware of their employers offering training or education in the distributed ledger.

Satish Kosaraju, authorized representative of ComtelPro, said that many Singaporeans were feeling the uncertainty that the new market was bringing, adding:

However, our research has highlighted that Singaporeans have a strong appetite for up-skilling and learning to embrace digital change despite some uncertainty around whether their companies and industries can currently provide the right training roadmap or design.

The research also found that nearly nine in 10, or 89 percent, of employees in the country would be interested in advancing their skills in emerging technologies. Of those asked, almost half, 48 percent, indicated that they should adapt the skills they have to embrace the technology and the crypto market in the next five years.

The research was undertaken to determine how people in Singapore see their employment prospects within this emerging market. Aside from the blockchain, other areas of research included 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Technology, and Cybersecurity.

Kosaraju said of the results:

It is evident from our research that while a considerable number of Singaporeans are concerned with the current shift into the digital era, they also see these developments as an opportunity to evolve. Businesses today need to facilitate this by ensuring their employees are prepared to receive and work with these new technologies.

Featured image from Shutterstock.

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